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Square D Bus Duct

I-Line I Bus Duct*

Square D I-Line I Bus Duct
Catalog # Amp Volt Bus Plugs
AP302 225A 600V PQ/PBQ/PTQ
AP304 400A 600V PQ/PBQ/PTQ
AP306 600A 600V PQ/PBQ/PTQ
AP308 800A 600V PQ/PBQ/PTQ
AP310 1,000A 600V PQ/PBQ/PTQ
AP312 1,200A 600V PQ/PBQ/PTQ
AP313 1,350A 600V PQ/PBQ/PTQ

* Catalog # are for Aluminum 3 phase bus duct
Options - Copper or 4th wire/neutrals
All bus duct comes complete with hangers, covers, and inspection covers
TAP boxes, elbows, etc. also available upon request

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